Nestlé Cerelac 2 Apple & Cherry Baby Food (8 M+) 400 gm



Important Notice: There are no substitutes of or equivalent to breast-milk.

CERELAC Stage 2 is an Infant Cereal for babies from 8 months to 24 months.

Nestlé® CERELAC® Rice, Carrot with Chicken contains:

– 12 vitamins & 7 minerals that may help in the normal development of a baby

– Vitamin A, C, Zinc & Bifidus BL fortification that may help in building the immune system

– iRON+ (Iron, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Iodine, Vitamin B1) which may help in the brain & cognitive development

Storage instructions: Follow instructions on the pack

Product of Nestlé Bangladesh Ltd.


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